The Importance of Professional Network Administrators
Why Firefighter and Sneaker Administrators Pose Risks and How a Holistic Approach Can Optimize Your Network.

Network administrators play an important role in the infrastructure of a company, as they are responsible for managing and maintaining networks. However, not all network administrators are created equal. There are differences between professional and unprofessional types.

The Firefighter Administrator definitely falls into the category of unprofessional types. He does not focus on preventive measures and only comes into play when it is too late and damage has already occurred in the network. This approach is ineffective and costly, as repairs are always more expensive than preventive measures.

The Sneaker Administrator is another example of an unprofessional type. He runs from one computer to another, instead of managing the computers centrally. This prevents him from making comprehensive changes to the network and he is more reliant on half-knowledge or rudimentary knowledge of network technology. The networks he sets up are therefore often prone to security risks and errors.

On the other hand, there is the network administrator with in-depth knowledge who looks at the network holistically and centrally. He is able to take preventive measures to protect the network from possible threats and avoid any problems. He can also make complex changes to the infrastructure without causing any disruptions in the network.

E A professional network administrator must possess a wide range of skills and knowledge to ensure that the network operates effectively and securely. This includes knowledge of network architecture, network security, server administration, and much more. It is also important for the network administrator to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in the industry.

Overall, it is important for companies to hire professional network administrators to ensure that their networks are operated effectively and securely. Avoiding problems through preventive measures and comprehensive management and maintenance of the network are the keys to successful operation of a company's network.

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